A fantastic range of muscle melting massages that will relax, revive and renew.... I offer the following sessions with professionalism, pride and passion. The good services you've come to know and love in Kensington, Johannesburg


*****Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage*****

Life’s daily stresses accumulate into knots of muscle tension in the back, neck and shoulders, causing stiffness and discomfort. This massage uses firm, yet soothing hand techniques to ease tense muscles and dissolve away areas of tension. A back massage stimulates the production of endorphins, dopamine and serotonin, all chemicals that make the body feel good.

*****Classic Swedish Massage *****

  Achieve an overall sense of wellbeing with this traditional massage. It applies controlled pressure to relieve muscle tension, for physical and mental relaxation and health. The medium-pressure massage technique stimulates blood circulation, decreases stress, improves range of motion and encourages muscle relaxation.

*****Aroma Hot Stone Massage*****

Take your body on a relaxing journey with this hot stone massage. It uses the rejuvenating scents of essential oils to create a feeling of comfort and ease. The massage techniques, using hot stones, soothe aching muscles and relieve tension, while the heat allows the skin to absorb the oils.

*****Jodies Deep Tissue Massage*****

An aromatic oil is selected according to your concerns, whether it is for muscle pain, stress relief, or emotional balance. Skin is prepped to release toxins, and the vigorous massage works deep into the tension to improve circulation. It will leave you feeling grounded and focused

***** Aromatherapy massage*****

Relax, energize and detox with this therapeutic full body massage. Aromatherapy uses therapeutic essential oils that are specially selected for your body and mind’s needs. The combination of the scented oils and the soothing massage will promote an overall sense of wellbeing and leave you feeling like a new you.

*****Full Body Sensual Touch Massage*****

Sensual massage is a session in which the client is taken to heights of relaxation and sensual awakening. The massage covers all areas of the body beginning at the head, neck and shoulders, working the way down the body using light, delicate and tantalizing strokes. You will be made to feel light and free as I gradually lead you to a point of total relaxation and bring you down again several times before allowing you to release all your built up tension. Contact me to discuss the various options that is offered in this full body sensual massage session.

*****Warm Candle massage/ Hot Oil massage*****

This massage combines warm with a coconut base and essential oils. As the candle fills the room with its luxurious aroma and warmth, the wax will melt at a soothing temperature creating a warm blend of essentials oils. The hot wax is a nice sensation on the skin that would thoroughly relax you and also leave your skin feeling incredibly smooth. The candle melts at a just a few degrees higher than the normal body temperature, providing a warm massage sensation without the risk of burning. The rich silky oil absorbs quickly into your skin without leaving behind a residue.

*****Jodie's Executive Outcall Hotel Massage*****

Tired weary, jet lagged and simply looking to relax? I bring the massage to you. Look no further. This executive massage is just for you. I will travel to your 4 or 5 star hotel. This is a wonderful service when stress leaves you unwilling to step out of your hotel room, but very willing to treat yourself to the benefits of both therapeutic and a sensual session. I set a relaxing and sensual mood for your massage. All lights are switched off. Lay back and let all the stresses of the day fall away from you. Under my capable hands trained to find every sore muscle and tender spot, I will sooth your aches and tension. The massage session involves effleurage and deep kneading techniques in order to help you recover from the stresses of travel and daily life. Your body will be completely relaxed. See for yourself how I bring bliss right to you. A minimum of 2 hours notice is needed for this session. 60 and 90mins

My massage technique is based on intuition which has been refined by techniques learned from various sources, fine tuned by practical experience and is guided by empathy, that is, how we react to each other at the time. Your session will be tailored to suit your mood. If you are the quiet, introverted type, I will be quiet. If you are the fun and outgoing type, I will be the same.

Note: Sensual does not always mean sexual! Professional massage therapy is focused on the therapeutic aspects of having your body tissues manipulated. Sometimes this can feel sensual, but that is not the intended purpose of the therapy. Sensual, by definition, means 'sensate' and that refers to having all your senses filled. It is not necessary to feel sexual if you are feeling sensual. All too often these terms are misunderstood and thought to be the same. They are not. It is perfectly natural to feel sensual without any sexual thoughts while receiving a massage.


Jodies Policies

Here is all the nitty-gritty of how my practice works...

Client/Therapist Relationship: Personal and professional boundaries are respected at all times.  Our relationship will be based on a mutual desire to treat and support you in your therapeutic goals.

Scope of Practice: I will only provide services for which I’m qualified.  If I am unable to provide the support you need, I will refer you to the appropriate professionals.

Client Rights: You are encouraged to contribute to the direction of our session.  Please don’t be afraid to speak up about areas you’d like to have more or less attention, or anything that would help you to be more comfortable.  Your input will always be accepted and appreciated.

Confidentiality: Your privacy and confidentiality will be upheld at all times.  Except for the case of a court subpoena, my records will be kept strictly confidential.  You may have access to them whenever you wish.

Privacy and Undraping: In most cases, the client undresses completely for a massage, but it is entirely up to your discretion as to what level you feel comfortable disrobing.  I will leave the room to allow you to become comfortable.  During the massage, only the area of your body I’m working on will be uncovered – the rest will be draped with linens.  Your privacy and modesty will always be respected.

Fees, Cancellations, and Late Policy: Tips may be given at your discretion – they are never expected and always appreciated.

Payment is expected at the time of service unless other arrangements are made ahead of time.  I accept cash and credit cards (in that order of preference).

If you are late to a session, I will do my best to accommodate and fit in a full session.  However, scheduling of other clients doesn’t always allow this, and you will still be charged for the full session.

Hygiene: Please be courteous regarding hygiene and cleanliness.  I will have washcloths available if you would like to clean up before your session.

Safety and Inappropriate Behavior: The safety and comfort of both therapist and client are very important.  Either can terminate the session at any time if uncomfortable for any reason.

Intoxicant Policy:  Alcohol and drugs can significantly reduce the benefits of massage, and may even cause harm.  Therefore, if you come to a session under the influence, I may refuse to offer my services, and you will be charged for the session.

Sexual Misconduct:  The massage I practice is therapeutic and is strictly non-sexual. Inappropriate verbal or non-verbal sexual behavior will result in termination of the session, and full payment will be due.


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